Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Please note: the design cost listed is the base cost of a particular design. In other words, this is the cost of sewing the applique onto a clothing item that you bring (or ship) to me. I run the shop this way to try to make it as inexpensive as possible for you. For more information see my "how to order" post.

item available: size 12 months, color orange on white $17
design cost: $12

other ideas for this design:
This design would work for boys of all ages. The "Lion" would be fun on a jungle green or camouflage shirt as well as white.

item available: color white on blue, size boys 3T, $22
design cost:$15

"Paper Plane"
item available: size 12 months, color lime and blue on white $15
design cost: $10

"Toddler Paper Plane"
item not available, pictures are of a completed custom order done on a Cherokee brand shirt, size 24 months, that I picked up for an out of state customer
design cost: $10

"Paper Plane Blanket"
item available: color baby blue with orange and blue, size 30 inches by 30 inches $18
design cost: $10


  1. Would it be posible to get the paper plane in an adult medium? I want one in my size! I also think it would look really cool on a black t-shirt.

  2. Looks great on the black shirts. Great designs! You've been really busy! Love it all!