Saturday, April 3, 2010

April updates

Well, April is starting off with a bang! I feel like a lot has happened for my little "shop" in a very short amount of time.

First off: A big Thank you to Elaine for contacting me about advertising on her amazing blog. The ad went up April 1st. Be sure to stop by clothedmuch to check it out. (Also, check out her review of my Elizabethan T and let me know what you think.)

My ad design was done by Elizabeth Conrad from the Irresistible Photography team. Elizabeth has done all my design work -- she has amazing talent and is wonderful to work with.
Thanks to both these talented women!

Next big news: 2the9s turquoise shoe clips have been asked to be a part of a big photo shoot in Southern California. I was incredibly flattered when Courtney of Joyful Weddings contacted me about using the clips. These clips are one of my favorite products. I use a stiff home decor taffeta along with a more flimsy drapery fabric to make them. I love how the contrast between the two fabrics gives such a great shape and texture to the clips. So, it was wonderful to have someone with such great style appreciate them. I will post more about the shoot as things progress.

I actually owe another thanks to Elaine and Elizabeth for opening my eyes a little more to what blogging can be. Now that my Etsy shop is up and running I am excited about my blog becoming a place where I can share a little more insight into who I am and why I create. Check back soon and let me know what you think.

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  1. Congrats on the upcoming feature. That's amazing!