Monday, April 19, 2010

Maybe it's worth it

Shoe Clips GIVEAWAY ends April 24th

So a few weeks ago I had a slight outburst about the pains of being my own clothing model. Then last night I was looking back through my 2the9s picture folder and saw this pic.

I really like this pic. I like my "just pulled it back" hair. I like my natural smile. I like my bare feet. I like looking at it and trying to believe that I look like this most the time. Yeah, maybe those hours with the camera are worth it.


  1. You are beautiful and make the perfect model for your fantastic clothing!!

    P.S. come enter the giveaway if you like the earrings.

  2. very nice top and design is very unique.

  3. hi sara! i love this pic of you too. wanted to say thanks so much for ure sweet comment the other day ... i really appreciate it! so r u gonna try the lucky challenge? u should! ;-)

    u have amazing things in ure store by the way and ure so talented! glad to find ure blog!

    love and blessings,