Saturday, April 17, 2010

Bye to Provo

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I have been waiting to do this post until the news was "official", but its got to the point where waiting any longer just seems silly. My husband is graduating next week (whoot whoot!) and got an internship in Richland WA for the summer (the paper work is still processing -- hence the waiting). Which means 2the9s is officially relocating. Starting May 1st, I will be based out of my hometown, West Richland WA. What does this mean? It means my life is crazy right now:). Okay, seriously -- mostly it only makes things different for my local friends. If anyone in the Provo/Orem area (or Utah in general) wants to a custom order done on your own clothing items, please contact me by Monday to work out the details. Also, if anyone has been longing for one of my items in the Flower Basket Boutique, be sure to stop by and grab it up. I will be collecting all remaining items from them around April 27th. It really does feel crazy to be leaving Provo. I've lived the majority of the past nine years here -- first as a student myself then waiting for Richard to graduate. Wish us luck on starting our "grown-up" life!

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  1. Good luck!! Happy graduation to your hubby!! Yeah for moving back to your hometown!